The Dream
Obah & Omah

These two side tables are part of the WOM project by Sholi Strauss and StudioKahn.

Made of ceramic and wood, Obah and Omah tell a fictitious yet “real” story.

Obah & Omah

These two side tables are part of the WOM project - collaboration between Sholi Strauss and StudioKahn.

The tables feature ceramic cast dragons quoted from plastic toys. The ceramic fixture is merged in a “seamless” connection to the woodwork.  The wood is and the ceramic are fitted in color, and the golden luster of the upper ring and the connecting ball stand out, re-defining the division of the parts.
The wood design hints to the docking posts to where the dragons were harnessed to before they were petrified.  
StudioKahn specialize in usually small ceramic products. Boaz and May Kahn have a clean and minimalist, yet humoristic design.
It is the humor that is the line connecting StudioKhan’s ceramics with Sholi Strauss’s big, passionate woodwork design.

photograph by Yigal Pardo

A framework was made for the collaboration: Studiokahn makes ceramic objects and passes them to Sholi Strauss, Sholi Strauss makes wooden objects and passes them to StudioKahn.

The correspondence between the studios is a “blind correspondence” every studio takes on the design where it was left by its predecessor. The final outcome is a surprise for both sides, enabling each studio to take its taste and talent to the max without “being thoughtful” towards the other side, and still resulting in a complete cohesive object.
The furniture made for WOM , tell stories. The stories are not verbal; they are associative fragments, historic quotes from non existing cultures passed on by unreliable witnesses.

The hard durability of the wood meets the fragile gentleness of the ceramic. This connection, combined with the different styles of the designers, creates a unique, new and exciting language.

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